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We build each other, we grow each other

She Starts Africa is a social enterprise that aims to empower women and increase the number of women actively engaged in the economy through building their capacities in leadership and entrepreneurship. Women face extra adversities to become leaders due to the unconscious bias, lack of adequate skills and limited opportunities. Thus, we offer them a safe space, holistic programs and specific mentoring, so that they become able to climb the C-suite positions or turn their ideas into successful innovative ventures.

Our Impact

African Countries
Women Impacted
+ 500
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Mentors involved

The Labyrinth is an intensive and immersive initiation to entrepreneurship program that targets young women who aspire to become future entrepreneurs.


She Starts UC is a movement led by She Starts Africa in the Tunisian and other African universities. The mission is to launch one club per university that targets female students


SheStarts.Tech is an online platform (EdTech & Coaching Industry) that targets female-founders as well as Corporates & NGOs in Africa and the Middle East.

Our approach

Women centered trainings

Our programs value the feminine way of leading within businesses and workplaces

Safe space

A focus around creating a community that’s safe for its members and provides the support needed in every step of the way

Holistic programs

We build women's capacities in leadership and tech-entrepreneurship

Come join us

She Starts Africa draws its strength from its community composed of more than 2700K women. The goal is to empower and connect our community members and provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to grow.


It was an opportunity to discover once again my self, my thoughts, my vision.
Mariem Gaied
Community Member
She Starts Africa, the creativity fountain. I had the chance to be part of the Labyrinth, it was very fruitful, rich and beneficial on all levels. Th team, she starts girls were outstanding. They lightened our hearts with their positive vibes and colorful souls.
Rima Hammami
This workshop helped me discover my self and my team better. I felt more comfortable and confident with my self.
Community Member

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