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The discussion panels’ mission is to open the conversation about the problems facing women to become leaders, how is the Tunisian community solving that, and what can be done to increase the number of female entrepreneurs and female leaders.

Fail & Tale is a 3-part series that aimed to empower women in their failure and give a new meaning to failing. In our Tunisian and African culture, failure is not accepted and when you fail you are outcasted in most cases.  These events share the stories of successful women who FAILED, , but who see failure as a growth that needs to happen.

Digital Community


Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is another channel that we use to deliver value. Through getting closer to the community, we get to understand more their preferences, needs and wants. This community was build to strengthen our network and work on constantly optimizing our projects through feedback and surveys. The group is a safe space for every women looking to start her growth journey

The online held webinars was established to tackle different subjects. Each month, a specific topic is being discussed and each masterclass represents a part of a bigger picture. We worked on mental health, social entrepreneurship and are still having a lot to surprise people with ! We gather data to understand the needs of people trusting in us, analyse and invest our resources into these projects.


Series of Master Classes

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