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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an intensive and immersive initiation to entrepreneurship program (Entrepreneurship Education) that targets young women aged 18 to 30 who can become future entrepreneurs.

The goal is to create a safe space for female aspiring leaders (University Students, Freshly graduates, and unemployed). This space will allow them to learn about how to start a business, how to create a sustainable model, and how to integrate technology.

Throughout the program, we offer workshops that range from ideation, personal growth, and customer discovery to business modeling, planning, and strategizing.

The Labyrinth is all about entrepreneurship education: UpSkilling, ReSkilling, and Supporting in order to create a solid basis of knowledge for our future entrepreneurs and business leaders. We want to see our graduates skilled, confident, capable, and well-rounded.

She Starts UC

She Starts UC is a movement led by She Starts Africa in the Tunisian universities. The mission is to launch one club per university that targets female students, where we offer training, tools and resources to promote entrepreneurship among them and to prepare them for a future of entrepreneurship and support in career paths.

She Starts UC works on two axes:

Entrepreneurship education: UpSkilling, Reskilling and Supporting in order to create a solid basis of knowledge for our future entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Job market integration: Bridging the gap between the education system and the labor market through building and strengthening female students’ capacities in order to join the job market and successfully climb the leadership positions.


SheStarts.Tech is an online platform (EdTech & Coaching Industry) that targets female-founders as well as Corporates & NGOs in Africa and the Middle East.

Our goal is to increase the success rate of female founders and the growth rate for women in the workspace. We envision the MEA region to be gender-balanced in leadership & businesses, with women having the same opportunities and chances of success as their male counterparts. We believe that a balanced, diverse, and skilled workforce will prepare MEA to succeed in the digital future.

Female Founders Portal

A portal where participants will get access to the timeline, sessions, and resources.

An audit will be conducted to analyze the female founders’ businesses status: management, team, processes, and sales in order to offer them some customizable sessions to solve their specific pain points.

Intrapreneurship Portal

This portal is built for companies who want to enhance the capacities and skills (digital) of their female employees.

The objective is to increase productivity, build an innovative mindset, and advance women in management.

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